Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 8 - Making It Fun!

My "Happy Journal"

Excited to report that I successfully met my 1st one week goal of losing one pound a week. Yeaaaaa!!! Wednesdays are my "weigh days" and when I stepped on the scale today, I learned the great news, I had lost 1.4 pounds this past week! *happy dance* And, with the aim of keeping things as fun as possible, I wanted to share with you a little sumin' sumin' that I am doing to keep up with my progress. I bought a really cute little journal book that has a cover on it that I just love. It inspires me and makes me "happy"!!!! (More times than not, for me, it really is the "little things" that make me the happiest.) ;-)

I am using this happy little journal book to kind of record my "activities" and newly created "live style" changes to coincide with recording my weekly weight loss. So, at the end of each day, I will record for that day a little summation of what I did like, "I had my 4 bottles of water today, and walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes at 3.5 speed." I might also write a word or two of positive affirmation, or whatever might suit my fancy. And on my weigh in days, (Wednesdays) I will also record my weight. It is a combination of a journal/record keeping system so that I can look back on what I have accomplished and it's fun and motivating, plus it keeps me aware and focused. I keep it in my secret place (bathroom drawer) so that it is just mine and mine alone to look at.

You might want to try this. If you don't have a fun and inspiring journal, go out to some place like Barnes and Noble, Mardel or I actually found mine at the FedEx Office store. You could even make your own, if you are so inclined. If you do decide to give this a go, I would love for you to share with the 52 Club family a pic of what you chose. It is so much more fun to have fun with others than to keep all that fun to ourselves! He, he, he!

Well, I have just about finished my 4 bottles of water already and it is only 8:30PM. And, my man and I are about to hit the DVR and watch the show, "Live to Dance" with Paula Abdul. (More fun!) Hope you guys are having fun as well.

Until tomorrow ~ sweet and slender dreams!


  1. You are not only a great writer, but you are a great encourager too! It does need to stay fun! I love journals. They have so many different ones to choose from too. I'm going to try my FedEx place. They have some of the cutest cards so maybe their journal section will be unique too!

    You are finishing your waters early too! Great success! It makes it better on those middle of the night required bathroom trips! ;)

    I haven't reached that success yet (yet being the operative word). I am successful with my exercising goals. I am actually looking forward to my Wednesday Weigh In next week!

    I just love progress.

  2. The main thing is to never stop trying! We are going to kick chunky in the butt!!!

  3. Well, thanks again Jac! I so, so appreciate those words. You know, none of us can every get too much encouragement! I cannot wait to see what journal you decide on. Please let me know,

    Tonya - I love it! - "Kick chunky in the butt!" LOL! I just watched a Bruce Lee movie with my man tonight and I so have a visual on your new slogan!

    Beware thou old chunky! ;-)

  4. Congrats Aunt Bec! BTW great blog!

  5. Thank you sweetheart! Your momma and I are determined! ;-)