Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 17 - Fashion Fun Friday

Fashion is fun and, when you make steps toward getting your body back, fashion can be inspiring and even a motivation of something to look forward to when you do. Let me tell you about a couple of fashion items that are on my "inspiration list," for when I am healthier, leaner and more fit. But first, I want give you a little background on them....

I was in a western store before the holidays, buying my husband some new cowboy boots. I saw an absolutely darling girl behind the counter wearing the cutest ever jeans with rhinestones on the pockets. To top it off, she had a really cool rhinestone belt. (I am so diggin' bling again!) I told her how cute she looked. Then, I thought to myself, "I would so love to get some jeans and a belt like that...they are so darn cute!" Then my next thought was, "Yeah, sure. Those would be a disaster on me." =(

WELL, that was then and this is now! That was before I got inspired to take my body back! So now, I am making those jeans, a similar belt and even some cool weathered boots to go with them, my fashion inspiration/motivation. I cannot WAIT to be able to wear them in my healthy, fit body. Take a peak at my inspirational beauties below:

Totally dig these Rock Revival Jeans with the rhinestones on the pockets!

Oh yeah!

Gonna have way too much fun with this Texas bling belt now!

Will so be wearing these amazing boots with jeans, skirts and dresses (short and long, baby!)

OMG! I so dig the detail and the toe on these boots!

For so long I have loved the look of those detailed pocket jeans and really had just given up on ever being able to wear them. I also LOVE the look of the boots with the cool "over the knee" socks or with leggings...And boots with dresses, man I love the mix and the femininity of that look....I really am looking forward to being able to wear more of the styles and looks that I love without being limited by my weight....Now, THERE'S some inspiration! ;-)

Well, going to wrap it up for now dear ones. Until tomorrow ~

Sweet and slender dreams!


  1. You have always had great fashion sense! I was just talking to Larry (my husband) about all the things I am looking forward to as I reach my goals and mentioned buying new clothes! I actually have clothes put away that I will have fun wearing again too! But these jeans...they are too cute! I'm gonna have to find my "fashion" inspiration too!

  2. I'm loving the inspiration! And I'm totally digging the bling! It's soooo you!

  3. heck yes! you will rock this look like nobody's business!

  4. Thanks Jac! You and I have talked about this before. You will have to write up how your weight loss event in the past when you used trying on a pair of jeans as your weight scale!

    Sarah - glad you are enjoying the inspiration honey! We will have to go to the "Bling Store" in the galleria next time you are up here.

    Why thank you Miss Jessi! ;-)