Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 16 - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, would someone PLEASE tell me what words go with the pictures above?

I was in the North Park Mall yesterday and I saw a high-end designer store with a video going that was showing runway models doing a fashion show. I stopped and watched for a bit. The girls were as thin as these pictures. SERIOUSLY! I imagined their world. Not the glamour, but the pain. Then my eyes went to the manikins in the windows. OMG! Even the manikins in this store were abnormally skinny. I thought to myself, "good grief!" I wished I had had my camera to show you. It blew my mind.

I came home and told my husband that someone needed to start a modeling agency that only hired healthy fit models of all sizes. Create a new niche of "realistic models" vs. what we are having presented to us. I mean this is CRAZINESS guys!

Today, I read an article of an actress/model who died from Anorexia recently. It was horrific and heartbreaking. Here's the article with pictures of the poor precious young lady:

"Isabelle Caro, a French actress and model, who braved living with anorexia since the age of 13, died at the age of 28.

Commonly known as Anorexic model, Isabelle Caro died on November 17th, as she was returning to France from a job in Tokyo. The death news of Isabelle Caro was announced by her acting coach Daniele Dubreuil-Prevot.

Ignorant of the cause of death, Daniele added that Isabelle Caro "had been sick for a long time", pertaining to Caro’s anorexia.

Under the headline "No Anorexia", Isabelle Caro’s nude images appeared in a shock Italian campaign by photographer Oliviero Toscani in 2007 for an Italian fashion house.

At the time of the photo shoot, the 5-feet-4-inche Isabelle Caro just weighed about 59 lbs as is evident from the photos in which she appears with her frail body having protruding vertebrae and facial bones as well as scaly skin and her teeth and hair falling into ruin.

Once in an interview, Isabelle Caro said that she understood the defects of anorexia is the price she has to pay as a victim of the dreadful disease."

This poor girl! Robbed of not only a long life, but a healthy, enjoyable and blessed full life. So sad!

I don't mean to be depressive, but in light of my own goal and heightened awareness and focus on weight these days, I just found the subject matter, worthy of sharing. It is amazing how "off track" we as human beings can get. I know I may sound like a broken record, but we all need to remember to keep healthy perspectives on our journey of taking our bodies back.

I personally believe that we need to learn just how deeply loved we are by God, unconditionally - nothing to do with how we look or how much we weigh. There is a rest and peace in that knowledge and continuing to rest in that will help us to be able to be confident and successful in everything, not just our weight!

I am up way too late tonight girlies! Going to try and get some good shut eye now.

Until tomorrow ~ sweet and slender dreams!


  1. Oh, this is so true and so sad! We definitely need to stay on track. This sad story about Isabella Caro didn't stop with her. Our lives affect so many people around us each day. It was just reported that Isabella's mother committed suicide because of the guilt she carried over her daughter. The link to the story is below.

    We must remember, starving ourselves is not in the definition of taking our bodies back! Over-eating and under-eating are both unhealthy choices. God has given us life and life more abundantly! Healthy bodies is the success He wants for us!

    Love you guys!,0,6823000.story