Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 19 - Sunday Success Stories


Laurie Thompson


Laurie and her precious daughter

An all body shot of Laurie sporting her single digit size - You go girl!

Hope you all have had a marvelous weekend! I'd like to share a very encouraging success story from one of our very own 52 Club family! Laurie Thompson is one of our flagship members and she has quite a story. I will let you read in her own words, her story below:

"My journey to “take my body back one pound at a time” began in May 2009 as I realized my 30 year reunion was a couple weeks away and I was embarrassed at the way I looked. I did not feel good about myself at all. My daughter was about to graduate from college, my father had recently passed away, I was feeling very lonely and not very happy about my situation. I weighed 208 pounds at 5’9” and wore a size 16/18."

How many of us can relate here to Laurie's story so far? She was initially motivated to lose weight for a special occasion, her 30th Year reunion. Well, Laurie shared with me that she did lose some weight before the reunion and then began to work very hard and lost a total of 40 pounds. But she said that she hit a plateau and could not lose the last 20 pounds to reach her final goal. Now, read on to find out what Laurie did next:

"In June 2010, a very close friend who lives in another town started calling me when he would walk. He was walking 3 miles a day and he would put in his earpiece and talk to me while I laid on the couch! One day he said, “So Laurie, I’m out here walking 3 miles a day in the heat . . . what is it you are you doing again?” I laughed and then realized that he was right. The next day I suited up, put in my earpiece and our journey began. We walked 3 miles a day while on the phone together. I was walking my neighborhood he walked the country roads where he lived. I lost about 4 more pounds over the next 2 months and then one evening while we were talking about goals, he asked me, what do you really want to weigh . . . what’s your goal? I told him that I would love to see the 40’s . . . so I set a goal . . . 4 months, 4 pounds a month . . . and started walking/jogging 4 miles a day, now on a regulation track, and really living sugar free. It worked. On December 28 I weighed 148 pounds! 60 pounds lost.

Now, I feel great, and I’m wearing single digits. I recently bought a pair of size 6 jeans! Shopping is fun again and life is good!!!

LAURIE'S TIP: "The one thing I always tell people is that it isn’t a DIET . . . it’s a LIFESTYLE!!!"

I personally know Laurie. She was my sister's old roommate back in the 80's. (Jacqueline January who is also a flagship 52 club family member). I am going to share some vintage pics below of the two of them from that day that I just love!

Jacqueline "Jac" & Laurie in the mid 80's

Jac and Laurie here in the boot scootin' atire! ;-)

I find Laurie's story to be such an encouragement! Hearing her coming to the revelation that it is not about a "diet" but a "lifestyle," so is in line with our philosophy here in the 52 Club. And, to lose her last 20 pounds, she ended up shooting for losing 4 pounds a month, which is my own goal of 1 pound a week (52 pounds in a year). One of my favorite parts of the story is hearing how she is now wearing the "single digits" with a size 6 pair of jeans....NOW, that is some serious success and gives me personally some major motivation!

Until tomorrow ~ Sweet and slender dreams!

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  1. What a story!!!!!!!!! I love it Laurie! You are such an inspiration to us all! The moment when your friend asked you, "so what is it that you're doing?" was one of those pivotal moments that changes everything! Great moment. Not to mention, that's a great friend!

    There truly is something to this method...I mean lifestyle! This just puts fuel to my flame. Thanks for sharing Bec and Laurie.

    Those pictures of me in the 80's is incentive too! ;)

  2. You are welcome Jac! I love those pics of you and Laurie! I too love Laurie's success story. She just kept on working and not giving up! That will be you and me this time next year girlfriend!