Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 18 - Something Sassy Saturday

I love Saturdays! And, today I want to share with you something fun and "sassy! We actually touched on this in a previous post entitled, "Making It Fun." If you want to take a look at that post again you can here. It was our post about a fun and inspiring journal. Well, one of our 52 club members, Jacqueline January (whom I call "Jac" - who's also my amazing sister) just sent me a picture of her "sassy" journal. And, I LOVE IT! She got one from the same collection as mine, HEYDAY by Jordi Labanda. She found her's at Target.

Well, I went to digging to try and find out who all sold these fun, classy-retro journals. In the course of my research I learned some intriguing facts about this very talented designer and illustrator. I also realized that I am really quite smitten by his designs and sassy/classy chic style. His name is Jordi Labanda and here's a brief bio on him:

"As you can see, Jordi Labanda has built quite an impressive resume for himself as mentioned above, and he has an eloquent group of clientele under his belt. Some of Labanda's clients also include American Express, Dior, Chupa Chups, Target, Nissan Espana, and Neiman Marcus.

Labanda's collection includes everything stationary: from pens galore to 3D notebooks. The HeyDay notebook collection was his first compilation of work. The collection uses trendy magazine covers for notebook/journal covers. The Pool Party, Jungle Fever, and Haute Couture are just to name a few of Labanda's fabulous work."

So dig these! I have the one with the blonde with a bun on the right in the black suit.

This is Jac's new "sassy journal" - LOVE IT!

I so want to find the "Jungle Fever" (Yellow w/blonde in big sunglasses and cheetah print)!

Love this guy's style of illustrating!

Got some boho hippie chic going on here!

Groovin' in style!

Have any of you grabbed a journal yet to log your small and steady steps toward taking your bodies back? I would so love to know what you went with. I am really finding mine to be super helpful and look forward to recording in it in the evenings, as I recap my success for the day. If you still haven't added this to your routine yet, (and I don't mean to be pushy) I can't tell you how much I highly recommend doing it. It really helps keep you on the path and reinforces your goals and success.

Hey - You guys have a marvelous rest of the weekend! And until tomorrow ~

Sweet and slender dreams!

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  1. I thought you would like them! I actually had a really cool video that features his art that I meant to include, but I forgot to add it. His style is so attractive and I just really like it a lot!

    I am going to hit our Target stores and see what the may have of his.

    SOOOOO, what journal are you using? ;-)