Thursday, August 9, 2012

Daily Activity Log - Day 12 & 13

Hey, hey, hey!!!

I did walk yesterday and the day before!  Woohoo! Got rained out tonight though. =(

But overall, things are rocking and rolling!  So motivated, so hopeful, so expecting good!
Listening to the rain as I type, my dog is chewing on his rawhide, my hubby has our favorite bible teacher on the tube and I am thinking of how much I have to be thankful for...It is a very, very long list.


I recently was selling some things on Craigslist and a beautiful woman came to my home.  She was deaf.  She had a 3 1/2 year old son with her.  He was ADORABLE! We had the most marvelous exchange for about an hour and a half. I was amazed at her.  She was so full of joy and she was a great and loving mom!  She has worked for The Gap for 14 years.  Wow!  She and her husband are both deaf.  They have a beautiful boy who can hear. My mind was like racing.

I asked her a million questions.  How did you teach your son to speak?  How does it work for you, being deaf and working in retail?  And my questions went on and on.  We had the best time, she bought a table from me, and I felt like I had a glimpse at living life from a whole new perspective. Again, it really made me stop and think of how much each of us has to be thankful for and the choice we each make to make the most of what we have been given.  This lady was living her life to the fullest.  She so inspired me.  I am SO GLAD that I met her.

I hope you guys are feeling hopeful.  I hope you realize how much you have to be thankful for.  I hope you are enjoying your lives and your loved ones. I hope you are living inspired!

Gonna go get some sleep and listen some more to the rain....ahhhh, so thankful!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Daily Activity Log - Day 11

I walked 30 minutes today.  Yay me!  =)  As I walked in my neighborhood, I detoured a bit.  Decided to walk up to the area where we have all sorts of restaurants, shops, etc.  I walked past a ballet and dance studio.  I thought to my self, "I should so take up ballet again!"  I have been thinking of taking ballet in an adult for years.  I REALLY LOVE it and find myself flitting around my house from time to time doing the old ballet steps I learned as a small girl.  It makes me feel so girly and happy and beautiful... Gonna look into that....would be a very fun way to get my body back, too!

Gonna leave you with some pics tonight that inspire me.  By the way, if anyone's reading out there, you sure are quiet. ;)  It's okay.  But, I would really love to hear from you sometime.


Seriously going to look into an adult ballet class! (source)

Nothing feels better than stretching after a good workout! (source)

I SO want my body back! I especially miss my killer legs! 

This might be a fun and good way to incorporate some ballet work at home via video! (source)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Daily Activity Log - Day 10

As I sit here recording my walk for the day, I have sweat rolling down my back and I have to say that it feels great.  Tonight was a really big victory for me.  I had been super busy all day around the house. By the end of my day, I had to get out to run errands, etc.  When I finally got home, it was almost pitch black dark.  Opps!  I now had a choice to make.  Stick with my commitment to walk 30 minutes and walk in the dark or wait until tomorrow.

I told my self, I am going to walk in the dark.  I had already had my one day off and needed to get in my 6 days of walking before taking off another.  Fortunately for me, I live in a FANTASTIC neighborhood that is really, really safe and pretty well lit.  Or, at least that's what I thought anyway.  As I began walking I felt so invigorated that I had made a choice to follow through, in spite of the great excuse to blow off my walk tonight.  I started walking and as I got to a spot in my walk I thought to myself, "Geez, it's really dark right here."  I ended up picking up my pace a bit, carried my large bottle full of "Smart Water" like a weapon (if necessary) and even jogged near a really dark bridge and a couple of other dark spots.

I admit that I had to be a little more aware and kept looking back over my shoulder more than I would have liked, but all in all it was a great 30 minute walk!  The added benefit of my mishap was that I really kicked it up a notch and probably burned a few more calories and I learned to be more aware of my time as it relates to the sun going down. Ha!

I'm encouraged by my commitment.  Not bragging, just sharing and encouraging myself once again.  I going to keep working toward my goal of taking my body back.  I am going to take it back one day at a time. One pound at a time.  One thought at a time.  How about you?

If I can do it, you can too.  Come on, make a commitment to yourself.  You are so worth it!

Will share more tomorrow! Ta ta!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Daily Activity Log - Day 9

This pretty much sums up my day today:

I'm telling you, I really, really, really didn't want to walk today.  When I heard my thoughts thinking that thought, I heard another thought, "You are going to do it anyway."  So, I did.  I'm really glad that I didn't give into the first thought.  Just proves how much the battle of the bulge is really more of a battle of the mind! Ha!

Gotta go get some shut eye now.

Talk to you tomorrow~

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Daily Activity Log - Day 8

Today is Wednesday and I weighed on the scale after putting in 7 days of 30 minute walks.  Guess what?  I GAINED 3/4 of a pound. Bummer, I know! :(  Of course I would have LOVED to have lost a pound.  But, you know what?  It was really a victory for me.  I told myself (and I believed it) it doesn't matter.  I flipping walked for 7 days and I was doing zilch the 7 days before.  So, I celebrate (and hope that I may have built a little muscle that weighs a little more) and I am going to keep on keeping on!

I also got my 30 minute walk in today along with my new anti-bat wings exercises for my arms.  Man, I can feel my arms and my chest muscles after only 3 days!  I'm that much closer to getting my toned arms back baby!  I continue to feel all the muscles in my legs and butt today and I really, really am lovin' it!  It is truly cheering me on for the fact that I am DOING SOMETHING!  That is my greatest celebration right now. Each day is a day to celebrate that fact alone....the results are going to follow.

Gonna get some shut eye for now....

Daily Activity Log - Day 7

Yesterday was my 7th day of being back on track for taking my body back and I walked another 30 minutes.  Yay me! ;)  As I walked, I took in the beauty of the walking paths that I have in my neighborhood.  Man, it is so beautiful; gorgeous trees, amazing birds, lovely gardens in different front yards, just a whole lot to enjoy and take in.  I am including a pic of part of my view for you to share the joy.

Beautiful Views:  I get to enjoy this on my daily walks!

Hope you guys are getting motivated to take some action towards getting that body back of yours, too. You can do it!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Say Goodbye To Flabby Arms!

Man, I don't know about you but, I want my beautiful, toned, athletic arms back!!! Where'd they go anyway? This has been one of the biggest "yuck-a-do" things for me about giving into the "getting older" mindset! I have watched weight creep up on me slowly but somewhere, out of the blue, the arms just went into flabbyville almost overnight!  I don't want to just accept this and just learn to live with it!  Somebody....HELP!!!

Well, I have great news! Here's the article I told you about  yesterday that addresses this "flabby arms syndrome" or as myfacebook buddy, Barbara Hannah Grufferman calls them, "bat wings!" Ha!  Barbara is the author of "The Best of Everything After 50" and she gave me persmission to share her post on "How To Get The Arms You've Always Wanted" that she wrote for the Huffington Post a couple of days ago.  What I love most (and I love a lot about Barbara!) is how she discusses not only her own weight loss challenge and her personal victories, but she actually gives genuine hope that we don't have to accept our arms becoming flabby as we get older.  She gives simple and proven exercises that she has put into action herself.  She even demonstrates some of the exercises in a brief video that you can check out in this article.  But LET ME WARN YOU, Barbara is not only GORGEOUS, but she has a great body, too!  Don't be jealous inspired! ;)

Seriously, Barbara is not only a modern day female lifestyle advocate but an evangelist of sorts as she disproves the myths of it being inevitable for women to let themselves go as we get older.  Below is her article and you can also go to the Huffington Post and read more articles by Barbara HERE I would also highly recommend you check out her own site at where you can learn more about her book, her TV appearances and follow her on facebook.  

Again, you will love this article! I have just started the 4 week challenge that Barbara raises and I can't wait to see and share the results with you.  You should consider trying it too.  Read on and say along with me, "goodbye to flabby arms!"

Barbara Hannah Grufferman

The Post50 Body: How To Get The Arms You've Always Wanted by Barabara Hannah Grufferman
"A few years ago I turned 50 and realized that I had been letting myself go: Packing on the post-menopausal pounds and not doing any regular exercise, it was all really starting to show.
Unsure of what steps to take, I did what so many of us do under these circumstances: nothing. When the weight gain started to go past 15 pounds and my arms took on the look of bat wings, I decided that drastic measures were required.
I started eating all the right things (and stopped eating the ones that were wreaking havoc on my health and weight) and embarked on a run/walk program developed by Olympian runner Jeff Galloway, eventually losing all 15 lbs and going down an entire pant size.
But even though I was fitter (and a lot healthier), my upper arms were still as mushy as ever (my daughters would say "squishy"). It's true that as we get older, firming up certain parts of our bodies isn't as easy as it once was. But I soon found out it is far from impossible.
For many years I had heard about the NYC-based celebrity trainer David Kirsch, who regularly works with Heidi Klum, Anne Hathaway, Ellen Barkin and many others. In the name of research (I was just starting to write "The Best of Everything After 50", I called David and told him that I wanted to get stronger and firmer -- with a special focus on my upper arms -- so he graciously invited me to come to his world-famous gym for a little assessment. When he asked me to get down and "do 10" (push-ups), he didn't laugh or smirk or roll his eyes when I couldn't even do one. Instead, David gave me a challenge I couldn't refuse:
Barbara, do these two exercises -- which I will show you -- every day for four weeks. When you come back to see me again, your body -- especially your upper arms -- will be transformed. I guarantee it.
Result? My arms developed curves I never thought I would ever have, and I can now do 20 or more push-ups (yes, at the same time, smarty pants). I am stronger, feel more powerful and I know I'm doing everything right to fight osteoporosis. (I'm proud to report that the National Osteoporosis Foundation will be honoring me at an awards luncheon on September 24th in NYC because of my articles about creating a sustainable approach to healthy and positive aging.)
That was three years ago, and I still do them every day. Just as David challenged me, here's my challenge to you: Do these two exercises every day for four weeks, exactly as I outlined below (correct form is key: check out the short video showing me doing push-ups below) and then look in the mirror and let me know what you see. (Or better yet, have someone take a "before" and "after" photo of you wearing a spaghetti strap dress.) Of course, you'll look even better if you follow the healthy eating plan designed specifically for post-50 women and burn some calories by running and/or walking -- see the chapter on fitness for exact details. But even if you do nothing else, you will see a change. And keep it going! These exercises are not a quick fix, although they do work remarkably fast. They are for life.
Here's what you'll need:
  • yoga mat
  • sneakers
  • form fitting workout clothes (so you can check on your form)
  • timer

Here are the rules:
  • Get the green light from your doctor.
  • Do these every day.
  • Do one set in the very beginning, but work up to three sets.
  • Do these moves as a "circuit" (move very quickly from one exercise to the other so you're getting a cardio workout, too).
  • Follow the exact directions for each move (details below).
  • Remember to breathe.
  • Take a 10 second "breather" between each set.

Other things you can do to help with your overall fitness program:
  • Try to do some kind of cardio exercise every day for at least 30 minutes: Walk, run, elliptical, swim, bike, Zumba... Whatever you enjoy doing.
  • Eat small, healthy meals throughout the day (every two to three hours) that include whole grains, dark leafy greens and no processed foods or sugar.
  • Drink lots of water and green tea

And here are the two exercises that will transform your upper arms (and other parts, too!):
The Push-Up:
Nothing symbolizes fitness quite like the simple push-up. It tests your entire body by engaging every part of it -- arms, chest, abdomen, hips and legs. Doing them is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to get fit. They are the gold standard. You may need to start with a modified push-up (on your knees), but eventually, you'll build up to the full push-up.
How to do a full push-up: Make your entire body straight, like a plank, with your toes and the balls of your feet on the mat, and hands directly under your chest. Using your arms, go down to the count of four, and back up to the count of four. Do 12 to 15 reps. (Watch this YouTube video of me demonstrating how to do a push-up, below. David taught me that how low you go is not the most important thing. Keeping the proper form is.)"

"The Plank: This is an incredibly hard, but Zen-like position that is one of the most effective exercises you can do because it works your entire body, including your upper arms.How to do The Plank: Hold your body in a "plank" position, simulating the "up" part of a push-up (see YouTube video above), but stay there, holding perfectly still, for 30 to 60 seconds. Keep your abs tight and your back flat the entire time. Try to lengthen your whole body, reaching back through your heels and forward through the top of your head. Your heart will be pounding, your arms will be shaking, but try to make it to 60 seconds (or more).
You can do it!"

* * *

Barbara Hannah Grufferman is the President of Best of Everything Media, Inc., author of "The Best of Everything After 50", a guide to positive aging, and is at work on her second book, "Fifty Rules: What Every Woman Needs to Know Before Turning 50," which will be published in late 2012. Barbara is the Chief Pundit at Fab Over Fifty, one of the largest websites for women over 45. She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Daily Activity Log - Day 6

Loved the surprise I got today when I left the house to go on my walk this evening.  As I walked out my front door, I was met with unexpected cooler air and there was a light breeze.  Ahhhh!  It was delightful!  Since I had no idea and it was really a gift to me. Amazing what a difference that made as I started out.  As I was taking it all in with almost childlike joy, I got a call from my sister.  She's one of my most favorite peeps in the world!  She wanted to chat and we talked for my entire walk.  It made my sussy even sweeter! Walked 33 minutes and felt great.

As I finished up my walk I decided to hang on the porch as my sister and I continued our conversation. I sat in my antique rocker, relaxing and soaking up the beauty of the outdoors.  I snapped a pic of one of my favorite things about my front porch swing.   Thought I'd share. Take a peek below:

Happy Porch! My sweet & relaxing reward after my evening walk.

I also got in my first day of my "bat wing"challenge.  It is just two exercises that guarantee to transform your arms IF you do them everyday for 4 weeks.  I am pumped to try it!  I am going to share the full article tomorrow that gives full details (including youtube videos) telling us how we can get our toned arms back!  Woohoo!

As I have been winding down tonight by watching the Olympics (gotta love the timing of those coming on TV and inspiring more commitment to working out) I'm gonna get to bed a little earlier and call it a night for now.  As I do, I remind myself that I have put in 6 days of walking and that's 6 more than I had walked the week previously.   Celebrating the littlest of victories as I take my body back, one pound at a time!

Nite, nite!

Daily Activity Log - Day 5

I walked another 30 minutes, yesterday (actually 34 minutes, but who's counting!).  It was a little tougher for some reason. As I walked, I thought to myself, what's going on girl?  Why is today tougher on you?  As I huffed and puffed walking through the neighborhood, something dawned on me.  I was thinking on some not so good thoughts. Found myself still dealing with some old cobwebs of unhealthy thinking.  You know what I realized?  Thoughts can be killers or they can inspire and motivate you.  Gotta focus on what I can control and let go of what I can't.  Grateful for the grace of God that helped me get my booty out the door in spite of the mind clutter.  Gonna keep on keeping on! 

Hey - later today I am going to try do a post sharing an article that a facebook friend of mine shared yesterday.  It's about flabby arms (of which she called "bat wings!") Ha!  Loved that analogy!  Gonna start implementing the two exercises she shares and see how they work out for me.

Will be walking again this evening and look forward to some more "one-on-one" time with my faithful friend, Exercise!

Have a great day and remember; let's take our bodies back, one day at a time, one pound at a time!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Daily Activity Log - Day 4

Took yesterday off.  But, woohoo!  Got another 30 minute walk in today! My legs seemed to have appreciated the day off yesterday as they had been soooo sore the last 2 days.  But not today.  Today, I was energetic and even going at what seemed like an even faster pace as I scurried with great resolve.  You see, I had almost been sabotaged as I was getting ready for my walk.

I had a busy day today and it was near 7:30PM as I was wrapping things up.  I came in and announced to my husband that I was about to go walk.

Hubby: "I thought you were going to go to the store."

Me:  "I am...right after I walk."

HUGE victory for me guys!  You see, that was one of many the ways that I had previously justified that I really didn't have time to get in a walk.  (Lord only knows how many other excuses I had.) After I would finish up with work, I'd be like, "I have so much to do. I better just go out now and get my errands done before it's too late, etc."  But not this time!  I was walking by golly, come hell or high water as they say!  That's how I really felt, too!

The exchange between my hubby and I really was on my mind when I walked the hills of my neighborhood this evening.  I realized that the fact that I had made the commitment to walk daily, several days back rather than saying, "I am going to TRY to walk" was really significant.  I got to thinking about the revelation of "exercise being my friend" and how when you make a commitment to a friend you need to be a good friend and not bail out on them.  If we have plans to meet a friend for lunch, we don't just blow them off and do something else.  If we have a day scheduled to go see a movie with a friend, we don't blow that off either.  We go and enjoy the time with our friend and reap the benefit of that relationship.  We make time for each other because we value the relationship and enjoy them and invest in each other.

WELL, once again I saw the new mindset that really was being formed in my mind as I walked this evening.  I really DO need to treat my daily 30 minute walking date with my BFF (that being Exercise) like I would any other commitment with a friend.  But in this case, it really is like being a friend to myself.  Wow.  Deep things happening in the old heart and soul as I walked.  Pretty cool.

It's amazing how we will blow ourselves off and take care of everything and everyone else, isn't it?  I really, really thought about this a lot towards the end of my walk.  Again, recognizing how detrimental that way of thinking is to us.  And ironically, the very people we are "taking care of" rather than ourselves, end up getting ripped off of not having the best "us" we can be.  Back on that thought again, I am a better wife, mother, friend, boss, employee, etc. when I take care of ME!  Duh! Speaking of...

I am going to get off to bed now. That is ANOTHER commitment I making to taking my body back...Getting good sleep!  Getting good rest is so good for our health and one of the best things we can do for our body!  So, going to say toodles and tata for now ladies!

Sweet and slender dreams ~

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Daily Activity Log - Day 3

Got my thirty minute walk in today. Praise God! I must say, my legs and butt checks are going a little overboard in reminding me of my accomplishments of yesterday and the day before! ;)  Mega sore! All I can think of is that I have walked 3 days in a row when the week before I walked zilch!  Yay me!  Anyway, I am encouraged to keep on keeping on. Tomorrow is Friday and lots of big plans for the weekend....Hope is in the air!

Until tomorrow ~ Sweet and slender dreams!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Daily Activity Log - Day 2

Walked another 30 minutes today in the neighborhood after work. I felt sore most of the walk, but kept telling myself this was good.  You are just walking and exercise is your friend!  Ha!  I kept my running shoes right by the front door all day.  Since I work from home, I would pass them throughout the day.  They were a visual reminder of what I had to look forward to at the end of my work day.  I really, really am embracing exercise as my new BFF.  It is amazing how this new way of looking at it has helped motivate me.  Another motivator is how my legs feel sore.  It's like they are applauding me for what I did yesterday.  And, I totally dug how my quads or thigh muscles began to talk to me throughout the day as I would bend down or get up from my chair. ;)

Love that as I go to bed tonight, I can say to myself, you walked again today.  Praise God you are no longer agreeing with defeated and hopeless thoughts. Today I agreed with the truth.  My choice to go walk today will effect my tomorrow in a positive way.  Thank you Lord for the grace you have given me to overcome every obstacle that is in my way.

Good night all!  Can't wait to hang out again tomorrow with my BFF....Exercise really is our friend! ;)

Daily Activity Log - DAY 1

I had a revelation yesterday!  Exercise is truly my friend!  Of course she is!  I don't know why I had not realized it until now. But, from this day forward, I am going to make this my new mindset, my new theme, my new motto.  I am going to embrace her.  To celebrate her.  To look forward to our daily visits.  Why have I neglected our relationship and taken it so lightly?  I just haven't been thinking right.  After all, she gives so much back to me when I invest time in our relationship.  I always feel better about myself after we spend time together.  I have really taken our relationship for granted.  But no more!  I am going to make a wholehearted effort to spend time with her daily.  As I do, I am going to journal about it here on my blog. She won't mind.  She actually loves the attention! ;)


So my first day back was yesterday and I walked 30 minutes, briskly in my neighborhood at the end of my work day.  We have lots of hills and inclines.  As I began walking,  I was thinking to myself, "Hey!  I am finally doing something!  I am out here walking!  Yay!  Way to go Bec!"  It is amazing how great I felt by just taking the action step of putting on my shoes and walking out the flippin' door!  My butt and thighs were already feeling it by the end of the walk and I LOVED IT!  Could also feel the positive effect of just doing something!  I even made better food choices that evening, which is always a very positive plus of what happens to me when I make the big first step of doing some form of exercise.  Some how it motivates me to not want to "waste" the work out by eating poorly.  Even as I was walking, my mind was already planning on ways to cut back on calorie intake, coffee, sugar, etc.  Exercise really is my friend!  And, she is yours too!  Yay God, yay me, yay exercise!

Here's looking forward to hanging out with my BFF again tomorrow!

Starting Over...Again!

Yesterday was a big day for me!  You see, it was DAY ONE of starting all over again!  I literally fell off my horse, so to speak, in my goal of losing weight and it has taken me over a year to get back on it.  If you go through and read all my previous blog post, you can see how motivated I was when I started, back in January of 2011, to take my body back. But now, here I am, eleven pounds heavier. So, what the heck happened?


After talking with my sister yesterday morning and my hubby, something must have gone off in my brain.  My sister spent a good long while on the phone with me reminding me of all that I and my family had been through in the last year.  She was talking to me about stress factors and as she was adding them up for me, it turned out to be quite a load of what the experts call the "biggies" in the stress department that we had experienced and we are even still going through, including a huge move out of state. She also shared what she had been doing for the last few weeks, going swimming and going to the track every evening.  As I listened, something must have begun to start clicking in the right direction for me. So at the end of my business day, I looked up at my husband and said, "I am going for a walk."  I went by myself and did a 30 minute, very brisk walk in my hilly and inclined neighborhood and I must say that I felt GREAT!  Well, I was a bit winded as I walked rather briskly, but it was great to be moving.  As I approached the last ten minutes, I could actually feel the muscles in my thighs begin telling me about it and I LOVED IT!  I was finally out of my rut, doing SOMETHING!  THANK GOD! 

While walking, I thought, I should get back on my blog, record my efforts and try once gain with that as well. So, when I got in from my walk, I went back to very first post and read through all of my previous 33 posts here on the 52 Club. My heart was stirred, saddened and observant of what had derailed me.  I read about my great progress in the beginning and my genuine enthusiasm. But by my third week into working out, and  taking new steps toward my goal, I had gotten really sick and was bedridden for an entire week.  Understandably, that had knocked me off my routine and had slowed down my momentum a little. But, as I continued to read, I saw that I had gotten back up.  So, what was it then that had caused me to finally give up?

As I read my second to the last post, I noticed that I had made reference to some "family drama."  I only had one post after that.  I stopped and remembered what the drama was and realized it had probably been the turning factor.  I really think that was the straw that broke the camel's back for me in giving up.  It seemed to be the ultimate culprit that created so much mental and emotional drain for me that I really believe it was the cause of my demise of my personal goals and focus.  I don't believe nor intend to use it as an excuse, but honeslty have concluded it played a much bigger part than I had even realized.  You see, I had discovered that one of my most precious and sweetest family members had been going through some horrible and continual emotional abuse by her new sister-in-law. I was devasted to learn all the horrific details! The pain of her abuse, the extend of it and all the injustice and the bizarre turn of events of cover up by the abuser and her family was just more than I could take.  To top it off, they ended up actually twisting the truth and blaming my abused family member and even myself  rather than owning up to the 2+ years of abuse.  Talk about evil!  It was just plain awful! I let it psyche me out, distract me and most of all suck the very life out of me. I lost my focus and honestly became depressed about the hopelessness of the situation. Most of all, I slowly began to take my eyes off the Lord and the weight of the situation ironically became the weight on my body.


It is a bummer to have stopped what was a great beginning of really taking my body back!  And of course I regret that now. But as I am starting over again, I am hopefully all the wiser about keeping my focus on my ultimate desitnation and the goals I have to accomplish to get me there.  I have learned that I have to take better care of myself, not just physically, but emotionally too.  I have to make taking care of me a top priority or I am no good to anyone else, especially my family!  I have to remember to give all my cares to the Lord DAILY and trust him to make a way where there seems to be no way.  I have to remember that God is for me, so who can be against me.  I have learned to remind myself to stay focused on God and his faithfulness, his grace and that he will somehow, someway, someday work everything out for good. One good thing already has been that I have  also learned a lot more about abuse, why people do it and why others allow it.  (Even started a facebook group called, "Understanding Abuse" that has been an encouragement to myself and others.)

 Lastly, I have learned this:  Today turns into yesterday and if you don't choose to do something today for your tomorrow, your tomorrows will always look just like yesterday.  So, by the grace of God, yesterday I chose to start all over again to take my body back!


This time around, I am going to try and use this blog as more of a journal and logging my activities.  I want to keep the blogging less of a burden and to encourage myself with baby steps of my progress. By progess, I literally mean, just doing SOMETHING!  I have seriously been so mentally and emotionally highjacked that I am convinced the battle is more in my mind than anywhere else.  So, I will do daily activity post that will be just for recording the action I took for the day towards reaching my goals.  Then from time to time, (rather than trying to do so daily like before) I'll post motivation and inspiration post that help me and maybe they will help some of you guys too!  If you want to join in on the daily activity post, for your own accountability or just to have some group support, I'd love it!  You can add comments and say something like - "Hey, I walked a mile today.  Yay me!"  or whatever.  I am even considering renaming the blog, but still undecided on that one.

Meanwhile, I am hoping that my starting over again may inspire others who have stopped and started themselves; maybe even several times.  So, as I am getting back up on the saddle and I ride this old familiar horse of losing unwanted pounds to get my health and body back, I hope you will join me.  I will leave you with this quote from a very famous singer and I hope you will take it as a challenge and be inspired along with me:

 "Take a deep breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again." ~ Frank Sinatra

Let's get going girlies!