Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Sunday Success Story!

Lynne Frumkin - BEFORE

Lynne Frumkin - AFTER

On this BEAUTIFUL sunshine Sunday here in Texas, I am excited to share today's "Succes Story" with you. I REALLY LOVE THIS ONE! Lynne Frumkin shares her weight gain story that reflects the all too often typical pattern of us mommas who make our family our priority and inadvertently end up neglecting ourselves. She wakes up one day and starts on her path to victory, where she has now been for over a year! Check out her victorious story below and be inspired:

"I wasn't active, and I loved food -- ice cream, burgers, my dad's Hungarian goulash," says Lynne Frumkin, a mortgage banker from Great Falls, Virginia. When she moved to south Florida in her late 20s, Lynne took up aerobics and dropped to 135 pounds, where she stayed for years -- even after the birth of her first baby. But with her second pregnancy, five years ago, everything changed. "After I gave birth I weighed 157 pounds and I couldn't lose an ounce of it," she says. Caring for an infant and a toddler left her exhausted, and she found comfort in food. "I had no time or energy to work out, and I ate crackers, pizza and cereal late at night."

Then she moved back to Washington, D.C., and reunited with her former work colleagues. "People kept saying that I looked so different," she says. "I also realized that I had no energy for things I used to be excited about, like my job and my family." Lynne decided it was time to change -- desserts and pasta were saved for treats. She also cut back on white flour and added high-protein snacks like peanut butter and cottage cheese. In six months, she lost 20 pounds. Then she recommitted to exercise, hitting the stairclimber at the gym and weight training four to six times a week. Within four months, she dropped from 137 to 121. Now her energy levels are soaring. "I pack a ton into every day -- kids, work, time with my husband," she says. "I wish I had known that my 40s would be so much fun!"

Age: 47
Height: 5'7 1/2"
Pounds lost: 36
Time at current weight: 12 months

I hope you got as much out of this as I did. Just like Lynne, we can take our bodies back, one pound at a time!

Until tomorrow ~ sweet and slender dreams!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Powerful Words!

Ever have anyone say to you that you look like you are losing weight? I LOVE hearing those words! Especially when they comes from my husband. Which is exactly what I heard from him today. I was getting ready to have a wonderful Saturday with my man, and as he walked in the bathroom, he looked at me and said "Bec, you look like you are losing weight." Well, I don't think I have to tell you how that made me feel. Yes, GREAT! But even though it felt great, my next response was anything put positive. I was like, "Really? It probably is just the clothes I have on." And similar statements like that. Ever been there?

It got me to thinking about the power of words and the way we can use them and effect others...including ourselves. Encouraging words are so POWERFUL and in our culture, we hear more negative and discouraging than positive and encouraging words. It can become a habit. Since we are all about making and creating healthier habits here at the 52 club, what do you think about us 52 Club gals agreeing to make an effort to speak more positive words of encouragement to one another, to those around us and especially to and about ourselves? I think we might be surprised by how it effects our lives AND our goal of taking our bodies back!

Let me know what you think.

Wanted you to see my amazing man that spoke those powerful words to me today.
This was Christmas 2010. He's a wonderful encourager!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Until next time ~ sweet, positive and slender dreams! ;-)

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Overcoming Unexpected Obstacles!

Any of you ever have an unexpected obstacle try to keep you from achieving your goals? Well, I had a biggie recently! And, I am just now getting back on the blogging track again after a very unexpected setback. Here's what happened...A couple of weeks ago, I was hit with a fever, and had terrible cramps during my 2nd day of my period that wouldn't go away. I thought it was female, and finally realized something unusual was up. I booked a doctor's appointment and literally the day before my appointment, Dallas was hit with a huge winter storm that shut everything down for 4 days. UNBELIEVABLE! I was hurting so bad, miserable and literally was bed ridden for over a week. When I finally got into see a doctor, they confirmed what my sister had guessed, I had a bladder/urinary tract infection. Geez Louise! I just finished up my last antibiotic yesterday. And, today I feel great! Praise God! But, now I realize, I have a choice to make...

I cannot tell you all the "give up" thoughts I battled with during this period of time. I couldn't exercise, I felt totally derailed from my goal, and I felt like I was somehow a failure to myself and in some weird way, to my 52 Club buddies. I fought off thoughts like, "What's the point?" "Why blog?" "Why get back on track?" "Who cares?" Crazy, isn't it? But, you know what? The reality is that the biggest part of our battle really is in our mind. In our thoughts. That's where it all starts. What I think, what I believe really does effect my actions, my choices. Sooooooo, I am choosing to agree with victorious thoughts. I am engaging again, and building on where we started. I hope you will continue to come along with me.

I also am going to revise the way I am blogging. You may see some subtle changes as I evaluate and tweak what works best and as always, what makes this the most motivating, a light load, and most of all FUN! I really believe those are essential factors for the long term success of taking my body back.

I sincerely want to thank you guys for reading, commenting and participating through the month of January. I think it made a big difference for me in the wanting to "stick with it" factor and believing that doing it with others is more fun and actually more encouraging than going at it alone. I trust that somehow my setback will be worked out for good and I really, really am looking forward to continuing to share this part of my journey with you guys.

Much love and success! And until tomorrow ~ sweet and slender dreams!

PS - Thank you to my beautiful and all so inspiring daughter, Jessica for encouraging me not to quit. She mentioned us on her blog a few days ago and says she gets encouraged by reading the 52 Club blog. Here's the link: You should enter her cool give away while you are there. I love you so much honey!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If They Can Do It ~ So Can We!

If you didn't get a chance to watch A&E's new TV show called, "Heavy" last night, you can go to the link here and watch the entire episode (It will be in five parts). They featured two PRECIOUS ladies, Ashely and Sharon, who both had tremendous obstacles to overcome. Not just their weight, but personal tragedy, bad home environments and emotional wounds from the past. It was so heart gripping. I was like, WOW! If they can do this, so can we! I continue to be so amazed at these folks that have mountains of weight to lose and how they finally get inspired and then encouraged to do something about it. It makes my own goal seem all the more attainable!

Don't you just love all these weight loss TV programs on right now! They are so motivating and reinforcing and supporting what we are all going for...taking our bodies back! Speaking of TV programs, did any of you get to watch, "The Biggest Loser" tonight? It was great as always! I have really grown to love the folks on there, fighting their fight! Just remember as you see and hear their stories, if they can lose all that weight, we can lose ours!

I sure do appreciate you guys and sharing this journey with you. It makes me feel like I am not alone! Would love to hear how things are going for you when you get a chance.

Until tomorrow ~ sweet and slender dreams!

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