Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Sunday Success Story!

Lynne Frumkin - BEFORE

Lynne Frumkin - AFTER

On this BEAUTIFUL sunshine Sunday here in Texas, I am excited to share today's "Succes Story" with you. I REALLY LOVE THIS ONE! Lynne Frumkin shares her weight gain story that reflects the all too often typical pattern of us mommas who make our family our priority and inadvertently end up neglecting ourselves. She wakes up one day and starts on her path to victory, where she has now been for over a year! Check out her victorious story below and be inspired:

"I wasn't active, and I loved food -- ice cream, burgers, my dad's Hungarian goulash," says Lynne Frumkin, a mortgage banker from Great Falls, Virginia. When she moved to south Florida in her late 20s, Lynne took up aerobics and dropped to 135 pounds, where she stayed for years -- even after the birth of her first baby. But with her second pregnancy, five years ago, everything changed. "After I gave birth I weighed 157 pounds and I couldn't lose an ounce of it," she says. Caring for an infant and a toddler left her exhausted, and she found comfort in food. "I had no time or energy to work out, and I ate crackers, pizza and cereal late at night."

Then she moved back to Washington, D.C., and reunited with her former work colleagues. "People kept saying that I looked so different," she says. "I also realized that I had no energy for things I used to be excited about, like my job and my family." Lynne decided it was time to change -- desserts and pasta were saved for treats. She also cut back on white flour and added high-protein snacks like peanut butter and cottage cheese. In six months, she lost 20 pounds. Then she recommitted to exercise, hitting the stairclimber at the gym and weight training four to six times a week. Within four months, she dropped from 137 to 121. Now her energy levels are soaring. "I pack a ton into every day -- kids, work, time with my husband," she says. "I wish I had known that my 40s would be so much fun!"

Age: 47
Height: 5'7 1/2"
Pounds lost: 36
Time at current weight: 12 months

I hope you got as much out of this as I did. Just like Lynne, we can take our bodies back, one pound at a time!

Until tomorrow ~ sweet and slender dreams!

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