Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If They Can Do It ~ So Can We!

If you didn't get a chance to watch A&E's new TV show called, "Heavy" last night, you can go to the link here and watch the entire episode (It will be in five parts). They featured two PRECIOUS ladies, Ashely and Sharon, who both had tremendous obstacles to overcome. Not just their weight, but personal tragedy, bad home environments and emotional wounds from the past. It was so heart gripping. I was like, WOW! If they can do this, so can we! I continue to be so amazed at these folks that have mountains of weight to lose and how they finally get inspired and then encouraged to do something about it. It makes my own goal seem all the more attainable!

Don't you just love all these weight loss TV programs on right now! They are so motivating and reinforcing and supporting what we are all going for...taking our bodies back! Speaking of TV programs, did any of you get to watch, "The Biggest Loser" tonight? It was great as always! I have really grown to love the folks on there, fighting their fight! Just remember as you see and hear their stories, if they can lose all that weight, we can lose ours!

I sure do appreciate you guys and sharing this journey with you. It makes me feel like I am not alone! Would love to hear how things are going for you when you get a chance.

Until tomorrow ~ sweet and slender dreams!

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