Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 10 - How's Your Vision?

Do you have a picture or vision of how you want your body to look? I have chosen a couple of pictures of myself from "thinner days" and look at them now regularly to help me remember what I am working towards. I find that not only those pics but pictures of others who have won the battle of getting their bodies back, motivate and inspire me as well.

I would so recommend if you have a pic of yourself from a time when you really liked your body, get it out. Put it up on the mirror or in your journal and look at it daily. Or use a pic like the one above of someone else's success to remind yourself of why you are making the changes and why it is worth it.

We didn't gain the extra weight overnight and we won't lose it overnight. Our long term goal is worth taking it slow so that it is a permanent change. We are creating a new lifestyle by making new and better choices to take our bodies back ~ one day, one week and one pound at a time.

Have a marvelous weekend guys! And, until tomorrow ~ sweet and slender dreams!

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  1. You are so right! A new lifestyle is what I am looking for too! I took a peek at the scale already this week and well...things are looking good! Not to mention, since adding my walking each day (1 minute more added each day) I have so much more energy. This feels fantastic and it's not even February yet! ;) So much more to look forward to in the next weeks to come.

  2. Good for you Jac! I absolutely LOVE how you decided to add 1 minute each day to your treadmill walking time. So smart! It is amazing how a little exercise actually does energize us, isn't it! You are a great encouragement to me and I so appreciate you sharing with the rest of the 52 club family!