Monday, July 30, 2012

Daily Activity Log - Day 6

Loved the surprise I got today when I left the house to go on my walk this evening.  As I walked out my front door, I was met with unexpected cooler air and there was a light breeze.  Ahhhh!  It was delightful!  Since I had no idea and it was really a gift to me. Amazing what a difference that made as I started out.  As I was taking it all in with almost childlike joy, I got a call from my sister.  She's one of my most favorite peeps in the world!  She wanted to chat and we talked for my entire walk.  It made my sussy even sweeter! Walked 33 minutes and felt great.

As I finished up my walk I decided to hang on the porch as my sister and I continued our conversation. I sat in my antique rocker, relaxing and soaking up the beauty of the outdoors.  I snapped a pic of one of my favorite things about my front porch swing.   Thought I'd share. Take a peek below:

Happy Porch! My sweet & relaxing reward after my evening walk.

I also got in my first day of my "bat wing"challenge.  It is just two exercises that guarantee to transform your arms IF you do them everyday for 4 weeks.  I am pumped to try it!  I am going to share the full article tomorrow that gives full details (including youtube videos) telling us how we can get our toned arms back!  Woohoo!

As I have been winding down tonight by watching the Olympics (gotta love the timing of those coming on TV and inspiring more commitment to working out) I'm gonna get to bed a little earlier and call it a night for now.  As I do, I remind myself that I have put in 6 days of walking and that's 6 more than I had walked the week previously.   Celebrating the littlest of victories as I take my body back, one pound at a time!

Nite, nite!

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