Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Daily Activity Log - DAY 1

I had a revelation yesterday!  Exercise is truly my friend!  Of course she is!  I don't know why I had not realized it until now. But, from this day forward, I am going to make this my new mindset, my new theme, my new motto.  I am going to embrace her.  To celebrate her.  To look forward to our daily visits.  Why have I neglected our relationship and taken it so lightly?  I just haven't been thinking right.  After all, she gives so much back to me when I invest time in our relationship.  I always feel better about myself after we spend time together.  I have really taken our relationship for granted.  But no more!  I am going to make a wholehearted effort to spend time with her daily.  As I do, I am going to journal about it here on my blog. She won't mind.  She actually loves the attention! ;)


So my first day back was yesterday and I walked 30 minutes, briskly in my neighborhood at the end of my work day.  We have lots of hills and inclines.  As I began walking,  I was thinking to myself, "Hey!  I am finally doing something!  I am out here walking!  Yay!  Way to go Bec!"  It is amazing how great I felt by just taking the action step of putting on my shoes and walking out the flippin' door!  My butt and thighs were already feeling it by the end of the walk and I LOVED IT!  Could also feel the positive effect of just doing something!  I even made better food choices that evening, which is always a very positive plus of what happens to me when I make the big first step of doing some form of exercise.  Some how it motivates me to not want to "waste" the work out by eating poorly.  Even as I was walking, my mind was already planning on ways to cut back on calorie intake, coffee, sugar, etc.  Exercise really is my friend!  And, she is yours too!  Yay God, yay me, yay exercise!

Here's looking forward to hanging out with my BFF again tomorrow!