Saturday, July 28, 2012

Daily Activity Log - Day 4

Took yesterday off.  But, woohoo!  Got another 30 minute walk in today! My legs seemed to have appreciated the day off yesterday as they had been soooo sore the last 2 days.  But not today.  Today, I was energetic and even going at what seemed like an even faster pace as I scurried with great resolve.  You see, I had almost been sabotaged as I was getting ready for my walk.

I had a busy day today and it was near 7:30PM as I was wrapping things up.  I came in and announced to my husband that I was about to go walk.

Hubby: "I thought you were going to go to the store."

Me:  "I am...right after I walk."

HUGE victory for me guys!  You see, that was one of many the ways that I had previously justified that I really didn't have time to get in a walk.  (Lord only knows how many other excuses I had.) After I would finish up with work, I'd be like, "I have so much to do. I better just go out now and get my errands done before it's too late, etc."  But not this time!  I was walking by golly, come hell or high water as they say!  That's how I really felt, too!

The exchange between my hubby and I really was on my mind when I walked the hills of my neighborhood this evening.  I realized that the fact that I had made the commitment to walk daily, several days back rather than saying, "I am going to TRY to walk" was really significant.  I got to thinking about the revelation of "exercise being my friend" and how when you make a commitment to a friend you need to be a good friend and not bail out on them.  If we have plans to meet a friend for lunch, we don't just blow them off and do something else.  If we have a day scheduled to go see a movie with a friend, we don't blow that off either.  We go and enjoy the time with our friend and reap the benefit of that relationship.  We make time for each other because we value the relationship and enjoy them and invest in each other.

WELL, once again I saw the new mindset that really was being formed in my mind as I walked this evening.  I really DO need to treat my daily 30 minute walking date with my BFF (that being Exercise) like I would any other commitment with a friend.  But in this case, it really is like being a friend to myself.  Wow.  Deep things happening in the old heart and soul as I walked.  Pretty cool.

It's amazing how we will blow ourselves off and take care of everything and everyone else, isn't it?  I really, really thought about this a lot towards the end of my walk.  Again, recognizing how detrimental that way of thinking is to us.  And ironically, the very people we are "taking care of" rather than ourselves, end up getting ripped off of not having the best "us" we can be.  Back on that thought again, I am a better wife, mother, friend, boss, employee, etc. when I take care of ME!  Duh! Speaking of...

I am going to get off to bed now. That is ANOTHER commitment I making to taking my body back...Getting good sleep!  Getting good rest is so good for our health and one of the best things we can do for our body!  So, going to say toodles and tata for now ladies!

Sweet and slender dreams ~

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